albinotopaz look i made a thing 4 u

this took too long

idk if tayerr smokes or not but whatever it looks cool and that’s what matters

i’m very proud but also so fucking glad i’m done drawing this

reboob for the day crowd


this is speedbump

he is possum

second fursona/new character??? idk

i just like him

art dump

my fallen london character, adopts for da, udenala(for oc shipping thing), and kinda shitty painting practice


ref sheet for my species thingadoodle. feel free to make one just make sure you show it to me so i can smother it in affection

the following copypasted from da cause i don’t feel like typing all this again

Guardian Sphynxes

will go into more detail later, for now have bulleted list

  • -blood is telekinetically controlled to an extent. The blood can be transferred from one body to another provided that the body in question is already dead, however the head, tail, and paws are always attached so that’s definitely something to keep in mind (imagine: teeny bird being controlled by sphynx). Body parts can only move so far from the main body, and are at risk of just fucking falling off if they go too far. Hours are then spent trying to get blood back in there and flowing subconsciously 
  • -Asexual, no genitals. Gender is something that’s just kind of known at birth, but gender is defined hella loosely and it’s really fucking confusing to explain. 
  • -Start off in feral form, transition to body, will be explained later. Basically born as kittens; head, legs, front paws, and tail gradually separate, transition into body once it arrives
  • -Named for their species-wide habit of finding objects that resonate with them on some level(heart object) and spending the rest of their lives guarding them, as well as their love for riddles
  • -A good 3/4 of their lives are spent searching for said object
  • -Kittens just kind of appear next to the Sphynx one day, and they just accept it and rear the baby. Only one child at a time naturally, will adopt orphaned kittens
  • -Kittens are only orphaned through the death of their parent. Familial bonds are very tight.
  • -Tend to group together, but ones that guard stationary objects are generally forced to stay there (cause the object can’t fucking move)


someone on da let me make my own one of their original species thing and i love him so his name is erwin (after schrodinger ehehehehe)

reboob for day crowd

someone on da let me make my own one of their original species thing and i love him so his name is erwin (after schrodinger ehehehehe)

humanized doodle of snail and betta, ginsberg and fishfish

everyone loves a nice generic background

character improvement thingy


Started as more or less a JTHM knockoff thing but furry. I know it was furry cause this was past my “they’re werewolves omg” phase. rlly shit tbh, very “lol so random”. went through many changes over the years, at one point being an organ repo man who secretly got off on his job, now a regular businessman/wolf thing who is having a lot of trouble w/the whole part wolf thing in that he murders and eats other people cause the whole living w/a sheep girlfriend thing and trying to adapt mostly to her diet despite it being impossible didn’t quite work too well


Kain was one of my werewolf characters, except he was stuck as a werewolf or something weird like that so he was an anthro all the time. basically me covering up for totally being a lame fucking furry in fourth/fifth grade too. kain was basically pre-jthm edgy, so hardcore and dark character. whenever there was a full moon he’d lose control of himself for the night and more or less go feral and kill the shit out of people, and this made him very sad on other days. nowadays, kain is somehow that cutie there, and a very well balanced and healthy individual. no longer a werewolf thing, but just a plain ol’ anthro. he loves gardening and owns a flower shop.


not the greatest improvement stylistically, but i am particularly proud of how his characterization improved! basically i got ivan out of making up a random character for an evil mental hospital thing on gaia and deciding he’d be schizophrenic cause why not. he started out awful. i had no idea what it was like being schizophrenic and i had the most stereotypical fucking character. he hallucinated all the time and talked weird and everything and i just… wow. the shame.

today!!! ivan is a more realistic representation of schizophrenia in at least some ways, namely in that (oh my god) HE IS CAPABLE OF FUNCTIONING. he’s not exactly high functioning, and he still lives with his older brother since he couldn’t fully take care of himself, but he can do basic things of course. he does not hallucinate all the time, it is a rarity now really, and generally only limited to psychotic breaks. thank god i read a couple memoirs by people w/schizophrenia

so yeah!! this is a few of my older characters and how they’ve improved over the years!! also some old art but ngl, i don’t want to acknowledge 2/3 of the older art here.


A Wakeup Call

aaaa I haven’t worked with colored pencils in ages

vent art

art i did yesterday but couldn’t reblog at the time